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About Us

TransReplicator, a privately held, Boston-based technology company, is a unique provider of enterprise data extraction software and RDBMS consulting services.

The company was founded by 2 former partners of the Boston Software Collaborative, which was a full-service software consulting company offering complete solutions in relational database environments. The concept of TransReplicator evolved from years encountering similar issues while working on client sites. The same processes were repeated over and over again for creating and repopulating test and development databases. The recent surge in data theft and need to protect data in our least secured areas (test and development) coupled with the increase in outsourcing led to the inclusion of data masking algorithms in our offering.

Our mission is to deliver innovative and flexible data management solutions that ensure application integrity, and reduce the total cost of ownership for organizations running enterprise applications.

Whether driven by the data-privacy related mandates, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, FDA, HIPAA, or European Privacy regulations, and/or the need to reduce your project development costs by automating some of your development and testing tasks, TransReplicator delivers consistent and verifiable information transformation and extraction process throughout enterprise environment.