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Products Overview

Our patented technology and services:

  • Provide a repeatable process for creating and/or repopulating replica databases that ensures its referential integrity while protecting the proprietary information contained within the source database.
  • Provide an automated method of creating copies of a database that are referentially-intact subsets (or supersets) of the source database (e.g., creates a test database that is 10% the size of production).
  • Provide a process for managing the workflow associated with database reloads to help reduce the overall time and effort required to complete these typically manual tasks and reduce the risk of overwriting a database currently in use.
  • ROI is achieved by
    • Cutting the development cycle by automating time-consuming, complex tasks
    • Reducing the cost of manually creating, reloading and maintaining test databases
    • Reducing the cost of reloading a database among its various users
    • Ability to use cost-effective resources for database reloads (e.g., testers can reload)
    • The ability to create referentially-intact subsets of existing databases leads to:
      • Smaller test and development databases
      • More databases within the same amount of storage
      • Less users per database leading to less conflicts and greater resource
    • The automated, consistent masking of proprietary information leads to
      • Reduced potential for paying data-privacy related penalties and legal fees
      • Ability to work with in-house and outsource development staff faster
      • Reduced risk of legal action due to propagation of proprietary corporate/customer data
    • Reducing the effort associated with auditing your test and development environment

TransReplicator  Modules/Architecture

The TransReplicator solution consists of several modules that we integrate into your environment.  The modules work together to provide our clients with a complete solution for creating and maintaining (among other things) their RDBMS test and development environments.

Major modules include:

TransReplicator Navigator and Loader

TransReplicator is a replica-database creation process consisting of several application components that provides an automated method of creating/refreshing test databases in standard RDBMS environments. It creates and repopulates the replica database by extracting information from an existing database and implements a patented data transformation process to protect the proprietary information contained within that source database. The result is a replica database that has referential integrity and contains all or a portion of the source database's information. The user can specify:
  • The size of the replica database as a percentage of the source database or in megabytes
  • The distribution of the data relative to that in the source database
  • Optional table level filtering logic
  • Logical foreign key definitions
  • Data transformations
  • and more...