TransReplicator, Inc.

We have created the industry's first complete automated solution for identifying and protecting your proprietary data

Step 1 - Identify

The proprietary data that must be protected

Determine which types of data should be protected based upon data privacy laws affecting your industry and then identify where that data resides in your databases

Step 2 - Protect

Automatic creation of complete copies or referentially intact subsets of production databases, free of proprietary data

Define/process extracts using our Navigator and Loader modules

Step 3 - Audit

Uncover proprietary data that resides in non-production databases

Find data in non-production databases that is considered proprietary and should not reside outside the production environment


Automates the creation and (re)population of replica databases that are reasonably sized and free of proprietary information.

  • Automates the process for creating test, development and reporting databases
  • Helps control the propagation of proprietary corporate and customer information
  • Allows you to create and (re) populate databases that are subsets (or supersets) of existing databases - Test databases no longer need to be the size of production
  • Diminishes the risk of reloading a database currently in use by a tester/developer
  • Provides a method of comparing multiple databases for differences in schema and/or data (even across DBMS platforms - e.g., Oracle and SQL Server)

Our patented solutions and services:

Reduces corporate liability
  • Against unmanaged propagation of proprietary/privacy information
  • Helps comply with national and international data privacy laws (e.g., HIPAA, SEC, FDA, Sarbanes-Oxley,  European Privacy Laws...).
Makes you money faster
  • Allows you to work with your outsource vendors faster
  • Gets your product to market or into production faster
Saves you money by cutting development costs
  • Shortens you project application development cycle and its associated costs
  • Increases employee and resource efficiency
  • Employs automated, repeatable, proven processes

Patent Issued to TransReplicator

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